Fabrication of a Functionally Graded Material by ex situ Centrifugal Casting Method

Palabras clave: ex situ centrifugal casting, functionally graded material, silicon carbide, microhardness


This study focuses on the fabrication of a functionally graded material (FGM) with an aluminum matrix and silicon carbide reinforcement particles using the horizontal centrifugal casting method. The equipment used was the Stir Casting, and centrifugal casting machine. The fabrication of the FGM was carried out by prioritizing specific parameters such as temperature and mold rotation speed, molten matrix temperature, size and weight percentage of the SiC particles (mesh #400 and #320 respectively); once the parameters were defined, the material was fabricated by the horizontal centrifugal casting method ex-situ. A molten Al 365 alloy was used as matrix material and subsequent homogenization with SiC particles, a mixture under the required parameters was poured in the horizontal rotating mold at speeds of 1000 and 1200 rpm respectively, the permanent rotative mold allowed for obtaining a functionally graded tube from which specimens were extracted and characterized by metallographic analysis and microhardness.


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