Behind The Screen: Exploring The Phenomenon of Obsessive Love for Cell Phones in Family Relationships

Palabras clave: Cell phones, Family, Obsession, Relationships, Technology


 This study investigates the phenomenon of obsessive love for cell phones in the context of family relationships. The main objective is to understand how this obsession affects the family dynamics, the interactions between parents and children and the emotional connection in the family nucleus. A multidimensional approach was translated combining quantitative and qualitative methods. Data were collected through questionnaires that assessed cell phone dependency and parental perception of the quality of family interactions. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted to explore parents' experiences and perceptions of how obsessive love for cell phones affects their relationship with their children. The results revealed the possible negative effects of this obsession, such as emotional disconnection, decreased effective communication, and reduced family involvement. Consequences for children were also identified, such as a feeling of lack of attention and a lesser connection with their parents. This study highlights the importance of establishing a healthy balance between cell phone use and attention to family relationships. The findings conclude a deeper understanding of the challenges associated with an obsessive love of mobile devices and offer a foundation for developing strategies and practices that promote healthy technology use and richer, more connected family relationships.In summary, this study examines the impact of obsessive cell phone love on family relationships, highlighting the need for mindful, mindful attention to family interactions in an increasingly digital environment


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