Assessment and testing of English as a foreign language in the post-method era: reading and speaking tests

  • Gabriel Arturo Farías Rojas Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez - Chile
  • Miriam Elizabeth Cid Uribe Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Alexis Osvaldo Reyes Villalobos Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Bárbara Catalina Cienfuegos Illanes Universidad Central - Chile
  • Silvia Arias Becker Universidad de Santiago de Chile


The objective of this paper is to present a bibliographical revision of the assessment and testing literature in the light of the Post-method Era. Therefore, the reflection out of that will be reinforced with the analysis of two examples of evaluation, both reading and speaking tests. The order will be introducing the philosophical grounds of evaluation and the Post-method Era; then two tests made by the authors will be presented. After that, the specific objectives of each one of the tests will be shown based on the introduction. Finally, there will be a discussion of the specific nature of the assessment procedures shown by referring to literature in the field of assessment and testing.

Palabras clave: assessment, testing, post-method era, reading tests, speaking tests


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Farías Rojas, G. A., Cid Uribe, M. E., Reyes Villalobos, A. O., Cienfuegos Illanes, B. C., & Arias Becker, S. (2023). Assessment and testing of English as a foreign language in the post-method era: reading and speaking tests. Ciencia Latina Revista Científica Multidisciplinar, 7(1), 6185-6596.

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